Links to other wildlife related websites

Here are a few links to local Essex wildlife websites plus other sites of interest that I have received from all around the world - particularly the USA:

Local Sites:


Basildon Natural History Society meetings. Basildon Natural History Society was formed in 1968 by a small group of amateur naturalists who shared a common interest in natural history and wildlife conservation. The society holds regular and wide-ranging indoor and outdoor meetings where members can learn about nature, geology, land management and other subjects that help us to understand and appreciate the natural world around us. 

If you wish to attend any of their meetings or want to find out more about the Society, please click on the BNHS Programme 2019 page above to view their calendar of events. 

Wick Country Park

The website for the Friends of the Wick Country Park can be viewed by following the link below. If you have never visited this site there is a surprising amount of wildlife here in the middle of the Wick housing estate and is well worth a visit at any time.

Essex Wildlife Trust

The main Essex Wildlife Trust website can be viewed here:

The Essex Field Club

The Essex Field Club website can be accessed here:

RSPB Southend Local Group

Here is the Southend RSPB website, which contains some very useful information on local reserves and sightings. If you have been out and about in Essex and seen something interesting you can record it here. Also, contains details of events and field trips.

River Crouch Conservation Trust

This is a website for the River Crouch Conservation Trust who's aim is to clean up the river of rubbish and to bring the river back to a quality which will benefit all forms of wildlife, from water voles, fish to invertebrates and for the pleasure of the general public.

Essex Bird Watching Society

The Essex Birdwatching Society website contains details of local sightings over the previous month and their events and field trips.

Essex Moth Group

Here is the site of the Essex Moth Group.

Where Can We go?

Britain's premier site for "What's on" events in your area. Click link below and enter your town or a place you are visiting / on holiday to see what events are taking place in that area. They advertise our WWS meetings on this site!

Outdoor and Conservation Skills

Greenman Bushcraft Ltd, PO Box 9137, Chelmsford, CM1 9FY, 08456 036 255. A local company teaching outdoor and conservation skills based in Chelmsford, often working in or around Wickford.

Mersea Island Wildlife Forum

The Mersea Island Wildlife Forum looks to be a similar organisation to our own society and their website address is below. They hold indoor and some outdoor meetings and the website states: 

The Mersea Island Wildlife Forum was formed in 1995 with the first meeting being held on 8th February 1996. The aims of the Forum are to entertain, educate and inform both Forum members, and the local community, about wildlife in general - whether it be local to Mersea Island, or elsewhere in the UK, or even Worldwide. 

Anyone travelling to Mersea Island would be more than welcome at any of their meetings - website address is below:

South East Essex Organic Gardeners

South East Essex Organic Gardeners (SEEOG) was formed in 1994 to promote the principles of organic gardening, which include the composting of organic waste, the protection of wildlife, the reduction of pollution and the encouragement of species diversity. Here is a link to their website which contains details of their activities, talks, campaigns and petitions:

Rayleigh Horticultural Society

Over 100 years old and still serving Rayleigh and the surrounding community, we are one of the biggest horticultural societies with a very active committee working to provide activities of interest to all types of gardeners, the showman, the allotment holder, the plant enthusiast, or those who just like to potter round the garden. Website contains details of their 3 shows per year and Club Nights. Click here for all details:

Other Sites:

Worldwide Birding Info with Fat Birder

Before you ask, this is not my own site!! Although it is not a local site it provides links to masses of worldwide birdwatching websites. If you are planning a trip abroad or elsewhere in the UK and need some birdwatching information this is the site to go to. Also contains loads of other info on the latest sighting and birding issues. Always look here before you go on holiday.

John Muddeman - Iberian Wildlife Tours

Now for those of you looking to do some birding on your Spanish holidays I can thoroughly recommend a guided day with John Muddeman. John is from East Anglia but now lives in Madrid and is one of the best "bird finders" and all around naturalists I have met. You will see some spectacular wildlife and be entertained too - the only problem will be that no day will be long enough. Check out the links below:

Italian Wildlife Tours - Marco Valtriani

I don't know this chap but he is a freelance biologist who works as nature-birding guide in Italy. My experience of such guides is that while they seem expensive, they will show you all the sites you would never find yourself and you will see far more birds (especially the rarer species) than you would by trying to "do it yourself." If you are planning a trip to Italy - check out the links below:

Email address -

Wildlife Tours in India

Here is a link to a site offering Wildlife Tours with a guide to explore 400 Indian wildlife resorts, 80 national parks, and other wildlife sanctuaries with great photos of animals by professional wildlife photographers.

The company also offer tours of Nepal and the website for these is here.

Wildlife India Tours

Another link to websites offering some fabulous looking wildlife tours of India. India is blessed with rich flora and fauna, 400+ wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Unlimited scope of wildlife photography in India is always considered for wildlife enthusiasts. Come and explore Indian wildlife.
You can choose any one website from below mentioned list

A Complete Guide to Birdwatching

This is a link sent to me by an American school teacher who used some of the information on our site to teach her class about bird watching! This is a fabulous site with some great advice on birds and bird watching. Of course being an American site, the details of birds and sites will only be useful if you are visiting the USA. However, the advice on binoculars and bird watching in general is first class and if you are looking to upgrade your "bins" or other bird watching kit or just wish to learn a bit more about birding this is a great place to start. Plus if you see any of the birds detailed in the field guides in your garden phone me immediately!!

Birding in the Caribbean


Another site sent to me from the USA! Our little local site has now been contacted from the USA, Italy, UAE and India! This site was found by a young man called Jacob Whitney who found our site while looking to learn more about bird watching. This site is extremely useful for anyone wishing to visit the Caribbean and do a bit of birding while you are there. I can personally recommend Trinidad and Tobago as places to visit with some decent rain forest habitat with plenty of colourfull birds to try and identify. 

Beginners Guide to Birdwatching

All the way from the USA I have been sent the link for this website. Anyone planning a trip to the USA will find this useful but it also contains some of the best advice I have seen on selecting binoculars and telescopes - well worth a look for anyone considering some new "bins". The link was sent to me by Jaysons Book Club who found the info on our website a big help for the youth department in our library. They hold weekly learning sessions, and right now the kids are learning all about bird watching as a hobby.

Budget Birding Tips

This link was sent to me by a young lady in the USA called Michelle and her mum Laura. They found our site very useful for bird watching advice and passed on this link for our members to use. Although obviously aimed at US birders, the advice is great for anyone looking for new binoculars or other equipment and also gives some very good tips for anyone starting watching birds, including in your back garden.

The Great Outdoors
All the way from North Carolina USA, I have been sent links for several useful websites by Caroline Hampton. She says:
I’m just “stopping by” because I was looking around your site and I found this great page with lots of awesome ideas for getting out and exploring nature. I’ve got a lot of articles on hand that are on that subject, so I thought I’d pass them on to you in case you’d like to add more information to that page. Here’s what I’ve got!

50 Ways to Get Kids Hooked on the Outdoors

Lifelong Birders: Introducing Your Kids to Bird Watching in Your Backyard

Hiking Tips for Beginners: Ultimate Guide for Your First Trip

Camping Solo: A How-To Guide & Checklist for Camping Alone

A Guide for Exploring Outer Space from Your Backyard

Guide to Volunteering Outdoors in Parks and Wilderness Areas

Sober Outdoor Adventures for You and Your Pet: Where to Go, What to Do, and How to Stay Safe

50 Tips for Taking Fitness Outside
Binocular Stop - The Ultimate Binoculars Resource Guide

Looking for some new binoculars? I am often asked about buying binoculars and these days the choice and variety on offer can be bewildering. Here is a site, mainly aimed at the US market but very relevant for the UK too, which contains all you will ever need to know when looking for a new or additional pair of binoculars.

Here are guides on what to look for when buying binoculars and links to many other sites with useful information. My advice is always to try them out before buying. There are many Optics Days at Hanningfield Reservoir, you can find these via the EWT website, and you can try out many types of binoculars to see which suit you best.
South Essex Apple Link (SEAL)

Have you got an Ipad, Ipod or Apple Mac? Do you want help with how it works or just want to know more about the many functions these devices? Local help is at hand from SEAL here in Wickford. They are a group for users of all Apple products (including Mac computers, iPhones and iPads) and have members with a wide range of experience and skill levels from beginners to experts. They meet on the second Friday of each month between 7:30pm and 10:30pm at the Wick Community Centre and members often support each other between meetings. At their meetings they provide help with problems and answer questions, have presentations to help members get the most out of their Apple products, and discuss Apple-related news.

Please visit their website at -  

And you can email them at -  

Backyard Birdwatching USA Style!

We know this as garden birdwatching but all the way from Orlando, Florida, I have been sent some very useful links on general birdwatching advice and tips by Colleen Stewart. While obviously US orientated, birds are birds all over the world, and the content of these articles applies anywhere you are birding - especially the photography bits. As many of you know, photographing birds is never easy and any help is always appreciated. Here are the links:

Backyard Bird Watching: The At-Home Audubon Guide

Gear Kit: What to Carry When You Go Out and Bird

Mobile Apps for Nature Travel and Birding Tips

What You Need to Know About Bird Watching with Kids

How to Photograph Birds

Helpful Birdwatching Tips
  Wildlife Gardening Tips

Thanks to Jan Baker of Alex Green Farms for sending me this very useful advice if you are planning a wildlife garden. Something to bear in mind this winter as you clear the incredible growth we have had this summer! Jan is part of a horticultural society which promotes the importance of horticulture and environmental conservation. Follow this link here:

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard:
    Optics Empire

Thanks to Chris Lee from the USA for sending us this link to a very useful website if you are looking for some new binoculars and need some advice. There is so much choice these days and it can be very confusing so a visit to this website is recommended.