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Next meeting - Indoor - The invasion of the UK by Alien Water Plants - Dr Ken Adams - Wednesday 20th February 2019

Ken Adams, Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland County Recorder for higher plants has been documenting the spread of alien water plants in Essex for the last 40 years and their impact on the extermination of our native water plants and clogging up of our waterways.

Meet at 7.50pm for 8.00pm start.

Help for Young Birders

All the way from California, I have been sent a link by a young man called Jake and his mum Jessica. Jake has joined his school's Bird Watching Club and it's his new favorite after school activity. Jake wants to contribute to our site by passing along an article where he has found some great tips: 


It's all about bird watching at home. Thanks to Jake and Jessica for sending this to us.

If you know any youngsters interested in Bird Watching then please pass this link onto them. Also if you look at this site, you will see a guide to Common Feeder Birds and as expected, not many of these will be seen in UK gardens but Collared Dove, Starling and Pheasant are on there! If you see any of the others then you have a US mega in your garden (or perhaps need new binoculars!) 

Whats about in Wickford - Late January

I had a wander around Shotgate last week and was quite surprised at the numbers of birds around at the moment. Some of the numbers were quite impressive - 135 Black Headed Gulls on the roof of an industrial unit, at least 50 House Sparrows, probably more, 20+ Goldfinches, 15+ Blue Tits, and 15+ Collared Doves. House Sparrows are definitely increasing after many years of declining. Other birds seen included a Little Egret, 10+ Redwings, a Song Thrush, and a cracking female Sparrowhawk overhead! Sadly, I did not see any Chaffinches and only 3 - Greenfinches - both species in decline across the UK at the moment. From the house we are seeing Fieldfares along Hodgson's Way and a massive flock of Woodpigeon in the fields - I guessed at over 300 but possibly as many as 500+. No wonder my feeder seed goes down quickly! Also, we are seeing a nice little flock of Long Tailed Tits at the feeders - just the thing to brighten up a cold winters day.

Please let me have details of your wildlife sightings in Wickford and I will add them here.

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