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IMPORTANT NOTE - All Future Meetings Cancelled - Update October 2020

As you are all aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues, and we are going to be faced with restrictions for a lengthy period, likely into 2021. At the moment no more than 6 of us can meet indoors and outdoors and therefore, it is very unlikely that we will be able to hold any meetings until 2021 at the earliest. If and when we are allowed to safely meet up again, we will issue a revised programme. Until then keep safe and healthy and we will all meet up eventually.

Pollinator Gardens

All of the way from the USA, I have been sent a link to a guide to creating pollinator gardens from Kelly and Jenna Miller.

Jenna is a Girl Scout (a daisy to be precise) and she's currently working on her Flower Garden Badge as part of the Life Skills Journey for her troop. The Flower Garden Badge requires the girls to explore the world of gardening by planting their own garden, learning how to compost, and understanding how insects, animals and native plants help gardens grow. Our Wickford Wildlife website led Jenna and her mum Kelly to some great websites to check out and help with this project. Jenna and Kelly found this guide to creating pollinator gardens last night which the keen wildlife gardeners amongst us will be interested in. You can access the guide here:


Thanks to Kelly and Jenna for sending us this link and I hope you all find it useful and interesting.

Local Wildlife News - November 2020

As we sadly enter another lockdown, a small crumb of comfort is that we can still get out and about and see some early winter wildlife. With the shorter days and falling temperatures, the bird activity in the garden has noticeably increased. House Sparrows are feeding in good numbers and we had around 40 to 50 Starlings yesterday! There is a sizable flock in the Shotgate area at the moment - whether these are resident birds or a mix of residents and migrants I suppose we will never know. One thing I have noticed this year when I have been out fishing is the number of Kingfishers I have seen. It does look like they have recovered from the very bad winter we had a few years ago and it is very nice to see them - getting a photograph though is a very different matter! In the Wick Country Park, there are several flocks of small birds gathering for the winter with lots of Blue and Long Tailed Tits. Robins and Jays are also very active and you may also come across the odd Song Thrush. Further afield, both Great White and Cattle Egrets can be seen in Essex at several locations - its worth checking any Little Egrets you see just in case. At Abberton last week, they counted 38 Great White Egrets - only a few years ago this would have been big news but hardly made any headlines now. Keep safe and well and enjoying our local wildlife.

Please let me have a note of your wildlife sightings and I will add them to this page.

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